[Lyceum-users] the future of Lyceum

Bryan Thale bryan.thale at motorola.com
Mon Feb 23 12:07:18 EST 2009

> NOT a typical IT request: "install a flexible blog system, give it
> some cool themes and plugins, and write some nifty scripts on the side
> so that people can see interesting visualizations of the community's
> activity and data. Take as many hardware, services, and time resources
> as you deem fit, because developing a healthy blogging community is
> valuable!!"
> A typical IT request: "we want team members to bloger [sic] their
> Sales Stories. The system will only be accessible internally. You can
> use the Linusx [sic] server we bought in 2005. If you need a database,
> submit a request to Database Services. We want team members to be able
> to log into their bloger [sic] using the corporate-wide [obscure EOLed
> Lotus product] service [which mostly implements LDAP as the world knew
> it in 1999]. You have 4 days to do this."
> And THEN, a few months down the line: "the blogs are great! we want to
> make a publicly accessible front-end that can search the Sales Stories
> title for particular keywords, so that our customers can see what a
> great experience it is to work with us. You have 1 day to do this."
> By now you can probably see what I'm getting at. With limited time and
> system resources, it's a big win to have a normalized database schema
> that can be accessed with well-known techniques and minimal
> performance or development overhead, and without having to become an
> expert at working with a particular web application.
> Brian-- please correct the above characterization as you see fit!

Ha!  So... where's your cube?  Sounds almost like you must be in the 
next hallway over.  ;-)


Bryan Thale
Motorola Open Source Technologies, Mobile Devices
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