[internetworkers] Adobe/Macromedia merger

Paul Smith paul at blinkylights.org
Mon May 2 19:02:12 EDT 2005

Kelly Jo Garner wrote:
> I very well may be the last person to know about this:
> http://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/invrelations/adobeandmacromedia.html
> http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/913949/000104746905012434/a2157203z425.htm
> But what do other folks think? I know when Macromedia and Allaire merged,
> some developer friends of mine were bummed - they had more respect for
> Allaire as a company and their products in general than Macromedia. But
> what prospects are there for Adobe and Macromedia - will current
> developers shy away from a huge corporation and plow efforts back into
> open source development/graphics tools? Or will people suck it up and move
> on?
> I haven't upgraded from Dreamweaver 4.0 or Photoshop 6.0 - they still
> serve my purposes - but for folks who do have more recent products, what
> do you think?
> Cheers
> KJ

	I'm a web developer, so the first thing I wondered was how the merger 
impacts my unrealistic hopes that one day I'll be able to embed 
scriptable SVG markup right there in my XHTML. Adobe's historically 
been pro-SVG, while Macromedia seems to have been under the 
misapprehension that SVG and Flash would overlap somehow.
	Probably a moot point, since inline standards-based vector 
graphics... well, that's probably a little too twenty-first century 
for our friends over at Microsoft, and most folks still (STILL!) use IE.


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