[internetworkers] MS opens music store

ron thigpen ron at fuzzsonic.com
Mon Sep 6 14:26:28 EDT 2004

Tom Boucher wrote:

> I don't buy that.
 > [...]
> Maybe with early MP3 encoders there was a problem but it just isn't 
> there.  I think it's all BS.   

More power to you there Tom.  If you don't notice any differences in 
your music listening as you do with your ears, in your room, on your 
system, then you clearly don't need to expend the resources looking for 
better codecs, using higher encoding rates etc.

I might point out though that your individual experience does not make 
these issues 'all BS'.  After all, we are talking about subjective 
perceptions of complex sensory stimulu.  I'd expect that different 
individuals are going to have different experienced perceptions.  You 
might think about allowing for that possibility.


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