[internetworkers] MS opens music store

ron thigpen ron at fuzzsonic.com
Fri Sep 3 11:09:57 EDT 2004

Michael Czeiszperger wrote:

> Hey, you gotta back up your computer anyway :-)
> Because of the huge convenience I'm now buying from iTunes first, and 
> only then looking for a CD.  The sheer storage requirements of CDs has 
> become a problem, and I'm loath to add any more.  There's two towers of 
> CDs in the house, and the rest were boxed up and are being stored at my 
> office.

Believe me, I feel the pain of CD storage.  But even as good as the 
compressed formats are these days, there's still a fidelity/convenience 
trade-off.  Depending on the work in question I may or may not choose 
one over the other.

I do backup my digital collection, but adding all my CDs ripped 
losslessly would push the size w/backup to about a Terabyte of data. 
That'll be cost effective sometime before too long and the back catalog 
can go into storage then.

I /have/ mostly stopped using cassettes.


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