[internetworkers] You want new news?

David R.Matusiak dave at matusiak.org
Wed Feb 18 12:43:20 EST 2004

Okay, so the Craig's List thing was a bit stale.  Apologies.

Here is some piping hot news for you to digest.


Why one Saddam-hating Iraqi is resisting the US
 From The Times
February 19, 2004

LIKE many university students, Thu al-Fiqar has a variety of  
extracurricular activities: he is sometimes a DJ at parties, he hangs  
out with friends at cafes and goes to their houses to watch films.

But once a month or so, the clean-shaven, casually dressed young man  
drives a truck full of concealed rocket-propelled grenades and mortar  
bombs from a town near the Iranian border to Baghdad, sometimes even  
helping to distribute the illicit arms among guerillas fighting US  
troops in the capital. Sometimes he drives the getaway car.

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