[ibiblio-announce] REMINDER!!! - The ibiblio servers are moving tonight!!!

ken c ken at ibiblio.org
Fri Sep 8 09:25:23 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for bearing with us during the past month while we have been 
moving our servers.  The first two parts of the move have gone well.

This is a reminder that we will be moving the final servers tonight, 
Friday, September 8, at 6:00 pm, (2200 GMT).

This means that tonight, we will turn off the login server and start the 
final move of the data from the old facility to the new facility.  You 
will not be able to check your email while the login server is down.

Our website and your collections will be available on an intermittent 
basis from Friday night at 6:00 pm EDT until Saturday night at 6:00 EDT. 
  Mail and the listserve will be affected as well.

After the move, ibiblio will have more disk space and an easier path to 
the Internet.  We will also be in a much better position as a research 
body and digital archive.  Once again, thank you for entrusting your 
collection to us.  We understand you have a choice with hosting 
providers and we strive to give you service that exceeds your expectations.


Ken Chestnutt
System Administrator

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