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Rebecca in the Great Northwest rebas_own at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 10 18:04:46 EDT 2009

Ah, heck.  I spent half my life in various parts of the Columbia Basin, so I can't resist chiming in.

A Seattle friend of ours refers to Moses Lake as "the green stain on the side of the hill", which is pretty apt (but I should add she HATED living there).  During Green-Up Time in early spring that area does get mighty pretty, but unless you keep watering, it turns brown and stays brown most of the year, and gets ridiculously hot in the summers.  I'd much rather be down in Klickitat county around Goldendale (spectacular views and better weather, used to be cheap land deals especially to the east toward Bickleton, probably still some around).

At one time Moses Lake was to be home to a space port (not sure if NASA still has that under consideration), and the airport was going to be expanded to accommodate bigger jets.  I have it in my head that Boeing does fly their test jets in and out of there, probably using the old airbase that's now owned by the port of Moses Lake.

If anyone's thinking about property there, GET THE SOIL TESTED.  Huge scandal some years back, dear old Montsanto was selling eastern Washington farmers fertilizer laced with heavy metals.  Ruined a number of fields near Moses Lake, as I remember.  Seattle Times ran a series of articles about the situation there, if anyone wants to look them up.

Moses Lake does get some "cul-cha".  The Gorge at George is about 40 minutes away.  Lots of rock concerts and other doings there at the amphitheater, which was the backdrop for a Darwin award winner several years ago (such a spectacular exit he made, the incident even made the cut for a morbidly funny film loosely based on the Darwin Awards).

and.... scampering back into lurk mode, waiting for spring.

-Rebecca in western Washington state

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