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Wed Dec 16 12:08:06 EST 2009

COMEX-GATE in progress - 

Some people buy/sell futures CONTRACTS racts to generate trading profits/losses.  Other people buy futures CONTRACTS for the purpose of actually taking physical delivery.  Typical example of course would be General Mills buying a futures contract to take delivery of corn so they can make cereal, etc.  Notice I'm emphasizing the word CONTRACTS.  Futures are contracts, as in enforceable by contract law.

Yet, tbe COMEX is currently engaged in defaulting on its contracts, specifically gold contracts.  Instead of delivering physical gold bars to those who wish to take delivery from the Comex - the Comex is defaulting and handing them a piece of paper - i.e. shares in GLD.  Meanwhile GLD (an ETF, an Exchanged Traded Fund) is in the middle of a scandel "GOLD-GATE" - where it is alleged by some that actual gold bars are actually counterfeit gold dipped Tungsten bars (conterfeit because gold is money per the US Constitution).

The Comex needs to be sued for defaulting on contracts at a minimum, and conspiracy in counterfeiting should evidence surface that the GLD knowingly either purchased gold dipped tungsten bars, or did not disclose their existence in their vaults after assay....

Why are they changing the Comex rules on physical delivery of gold?  What are they hiding?
(When billionaires stand to lose a lot of money, they change the rules.....)

FED-GATE in progress

Elliot Spitzer, former Gov of NY, former prosecutor of Wall Street scamsters & fraudsters says, 
"The Fed has blown it time and time again."
"The Fed [is] run by the [private] banks."
"The Fed needs to be examined." (i.e. audited)
"The Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme, an inside job."
"Do not buy [the Fed's] blather that simply we've been so good."

Nouriel Roubini, the New York University professor said [2]:
"The process of socialising the private losses from this crisis has moved many of the liabilities of the private sector onto the books of the sovereign. At some point a sovereign bank may crack, in which case, the ability of the government to credibly commit to act as a backstop for the financial system – including deposit guarantees – could come unglued."  (sovereign bank = a nation's central bank), deposit guarantees of course = FDIC)
There are some who believe the Fed is actually already bankrupt.  

As a parallel - think about the infamous Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.  He gave investors a fraudulent monthly statement saying how much money they had allegedly earned. The Madoff Ponzi scheme collapsed when people started wanting cash in their profits (withdraw funds) and stopped adding in more money.  There weren't enough new guillible suckers out there to replenish the coffers faster than the withdrawals.

The Fed gives out US Treasury Notes (dollars), prints more out of thin air, and says you actually have value (look we're increasing the money supply and saving the world - yahoo!!! - as if this is a good thing....  NOT!)   The Fed, and the US Treasury collapses when investors cash in their Treasuries instead of rolling the principal over into new treasuries.  Like Madoff investors, treasury buyers are withdrawing their principal. They aren't rolling over into newly issued Treasuries.  Currently the Fed has been purchasing 80-85% of the newly issued Treasuries put up for auction weekly due to a lack of real buyers....  If there are REAL buyers out there, why does the Fed have to step up as the buyer of last resort?  (FYI a little known section in the Fed Res Act - makes it possible for the Fed to directly tax, i.e. obligate, the US citizens for debts without Congress' approval.)

Why doesn't the Fed want to be audited?  What are they hiding?


Today Times names Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke their "Man of the Year", and is being lauded as the man who saved the US and the world (yes the world.. LOL) from another great depression.  (Can't wait to fast forward a few years on this one.....)

Let's revisit history and see how often he actually knew what he was talking about LOL - his crystal ball was obviously broken clouded by the sheer <cough> genius of his real world analysis skills - this you-tube is seriously funny........
And of course, don't miss Elliot Spitzer youtube above.  The man of the year sits on top of a ponzi scheme....

Why is he the man of the year?  What is main-stream media Times helping to hide?

GOLD-GATE unfolding

Stay tuned to find out how  many of the gold bars are really gold dipped tungsten filled bars....  

IEA-GATE unfolding

Information from insider whistle-blowers is now coming out that the IEA has consistently under-reported oil reserves at the beheast of powerful US interests.  By how much isn't clear.

What are they hiding?  And is that the reason for Climate-gate?  LOL.


Geez, guess the central banks of the world couldn't print money fast enough so they had to borrow from alleged criminals......... LOL.  Geez, maybe they should legalize those drugs so the drug dealers can become the new source of funds ................ !!!

And these are the tip of the iceberg.
UN-GATE, WORLD-BANK-GATE, FOOD-SUPPLY-GATE, WATER-GATE (the kind you drink, not the hotel)........

Paper dollars anyone?  No thanks, untainted seeds, homegrown meat, etc. are more valuable.


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