[Homestead] supplements dont work for arthritis

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Tue Sep 30 14:15:24 EDT 2008

I don't know about humans, but I do know that MSM works on critters. 
Hurricane Cali is our AmStaff and at 4 months she was run over, literally, 
by two cars.  Her pelvis was smashed flat (on x-rays it looked like an 
instant case of advanced hip dysplasia) and her one hind leg was broken in a 
couple of places.  Her lungs were blood infused, her espheogus was smashed 
and all the skin under her chin was peeled off.

We got her to the vet fast enough for the shot to clear the lungs.  Her 
throat was manually massaged back into a resemblance of normal.  Her leg was 
set and we were told that she would be a complete cripple within a year or 

Fast forward 5 years.  She's typical AmStaff and jumps about 4' and runs and 
chases the Pitcur Hound until they are both ready to drop.

She gets vitamins (she also had ALL the skin problems that are typical with 
the bully breeds) and MSM.  The vets are amazed!

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> An old timer electrician here whose income is dependent on
> his hands had arthritis so bad he almost had to give up
> his business. His hands would swell and he couldn't crawl
> around anymore. He had exhausted his pharmaceutical
> possibilities. Another old timer friend told him he had
> completely gotten rid of his by soaking raisins in gin
> (there was a certain brand recommended) and eating 9
> raisins each day. The electrician finally broke down and
> tried it and told me his arthritis went away after a month
> of eating them, and he'd been taking them for six months
> and had no further problem. His doctor was amazed. This
> guy is really a normal good 'ol boy, so I have no reason
> to doubt him. I am starting to get a little in my hands so
> I thought I might try it. Sounds like the alcohol may be
> helping to release some chemical in the fruit. I'm
> allergic to shellfish, so I could never take glucosamine
> or chondroitin anyway.--Sage

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