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New rule for goat, sheep owners

By Karen Voyles
Sun staff writer

Published: Friday, October 3, 2008 at 9:12 a.m. 
Anyone who deals with goats or sheep in Florida, including 4H and FFA members, petting zoos, breeders, dealers and others, will soon be dealing with another regulation.
Karen Voyles/The Gainesville Sun WILLISTON, Fla - 

Beginning Oct. 10, Florida's agriculture officials will enforce a new rule requiring that owners of goats and sheep be able to identify the herd or flock that animals were born into. When that information is unknown, owners must be able to identify the herd or flock that animals had been in.



''Our priority will always be prevention,'' Hammerschmidt said. ''The NAIS at the federal level is voluntary, but it's also important to know there are activities in which animal ID has been mandatory for years. Interstate commerce of certain classes of livestock, cattle and animals over breeding age require official identification. What we're doing with NAIS is we're again applying our national standards to those activities so that we increase our effectiveness, our advancement of compatibility of information systems and so we actually get greater return on animal ID as we move forward.''



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