[Homestead] Chicken soup pizza

Lisa Perry lkvp at floydva.net
Fri Feb 25 11:54:32 EST 2005

Gene GeRue wrote:

> Chris was feeling a bit off her feed so I peeled a bulb of garlic, cut 
> the cloves in two and added them.

We make homemade chicken soup frequently throughout winter.  We often 
add grated ginger (in various quantities) to a similar concoction as 
yours, particularly if any of us are feeling under the weather.  The 
ginger adds warming qualities and has many healthy benefits.  It is 
quite good in chicken noodle or noodle-less soup.  We last made it two 
weeks ago and we were out of wide egg noodles (and no time to make any) 
so I used buckwheat fettucini-type noodles we had on hand and broke them 
into bite size pieces before adding them to the pot.  Any way you make 
it, it's all good.

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