[Homestead] Computer glitch

Tim Oppenheim timopp at mac.com
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Further Googling

I think you'll just have to beat on the OS a little to get the driver
installed. (In hindsight it amazes me how much I've had to work to install
drivers in Windows...the last go around was getting an ATI 9600se to
install, boy was that fun ....worked on that half a day & if I have to do it
again I don't think I can remember the tricks). Try a couple of different
approaches (besides just installing the driver from the disk). In Control
Panel select Scanners & Cameras then Add Device. Select OLY but don't select
a particular Model (as C-2100 is not listed). Click HAve Disk & point to the
USB driver folder on the CD drive that has the Camedia disk ( you'll
probably have to go right to the USB folder [for WIN2K] & find the .inf
file). If that doesn't work try to go thru install new hardware route in the
control panel. 

Remember to keep drilling down to the folders on the Camedia disk that have
the usb driver file(s). Try different paths (thru the new hardware install)
& eventually it will happen. The basic theme (or story to tell Windows) is:
- Its new hardware
- Yes it's hooked up/installed
- It's not in the list....I want to select it manually or from a list
- Get to the closest thing in the list then use "Have Disk" & drill into the
relevant folders/files on the OLY software disk (In this case

Eventually you'll hit jackpot.

Tim Oppenheim

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>I think he means on the camera. Is there a method to change settings on 
>the camera? If not let me noodle some more.

I found Setup on the camera but don't find USB.

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