[Homestead] Original water gel, DriWater

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Thu Feb 10 16:44:36 EST 2005

Polyacrylamide gel

DRiWATER is a revolutionary new concept in living plant

irrigation, patented by its inventor, F. Lee Avera (United

States patent number 4,865,640. The outgrowth of a

lifetime of research in food chemistry, DRiWATER is water

bound in the form of a gel. When placed in contact with

microbiological life forms found in soil, DRiWATER

dissolves back into water at a controlled rate of flow.

The product will continuously drip irrigate a plant or

seedling over a period of time depending on the size of

the application. In the quart size container, a seedling

will be irrigated for three months or more without regard

to the temperature or relative humidity.

DRiWATER is made of three non-toxic ingredients - pure

water, food grade vegetable gum and alum. DRiWATER is

absorbed by the soil, making it readily available to the

plant's root ball. DRiWATER is safe around children and

animals. DRiWATER is 98% water, by weight, and 2%

vegetable gum and alum.

Patented in 1988, DRiWATER (a registered trademark) has

been under a wide product testing program with

governmental agencies, universities, and private sector

end users. Extensive field tests have been conducted in

arid desert conditions of the United Arab Emirates and

many areas in the Western states with extremely difficult

soils and weather conditions.

No other product exists on the market which works as well

as DRiWATER, or which can duplicate its function. There is

a family of substances known as cross link

polyacrylamides, or polymers, often confused with

DRiWATER. Many of these polymers are toxic and are subject

to early release of their water content by high

temperatures or low humidity, making them extremely non-


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