Laying the Groundwork: Advanced PDC at Brooks Bend Farm

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Dave Jacke of Dynamics Ecological Design and
Jono Neiger of Regenerative Design Group present:
Laying Groundwork: An Advanced Permaculture Design Course
At Brook’s Bend Farm, A Future Permaculture Research and Education Center
One 3-day weekend, two 2-day weekends, and one intensive 5-day design charrette:
May 13-15, June 3-5, June 17-19, July 13-17, 2011
Lay the groundwork for your deepening practice of permaculture design and for the establishment of a permaculture training and demonstration center at Brook’s Bend Farm.  This Advanced Permaculture Design Course (APDC) offers you direct experience designing permaculture systems that will build your design skills, your confidence and your portfolio, and spur you to deepen your self-study of the field.  At the same time, you will help plan the transformationof Brook’s Bend Farm into a thriving multi-dimensional permaculture and nature awareness training and demonstration facility.

Course Format:
Course staff and participants will together form a large-scale paraprofessional design team “hired” by Brook’s Bend Farm to resolve key design challenges and create a Schematic Master Plan.  This plan involves integrating farming, livestock, forest garden, coppice, and building systems for the farm’s 90 acres of woods, streams, pastures, and farm buildings.  We’ll dive into previous site assessment and design work by students of the Conway School of Landscape Design (CSLD). Each
participant will then focus on one of several key “design streams” relating to the whole design, such as: water supply and waste water treatment systems; food production, processing, storage, and distribution systems, livestock grazing and foraging, and buildings and energy systems.  Each “stream” will take on design problems in a mentored group-learning environment. As a collective, we will synthesize these streams into a unified Master Plan and present
to a larger public audience by course end.
In this APDC, you will learn through design exercises, participatory classes, observation sessions, and self-study.  The pre-course homework and the initial 3-day weekend will build knowledge of ourselves, each other, the design process, and of the project goals and site.  Strengthen your basic permaculture knowledge and fill in gaps during the two 2-day weekends in June, while you engage in detailed site analysis and assessment.  During the final 5-day intensive design charrette, you and your team will synthesize everything you have learned into design schemes and details to present to the clients and the public at the course’s end. 
Please note that much of your learning of the details of permaculture systems in this course will take place on your own between classes.  Class time will focus on giving you design experience, fostering effective and efficient design thinking and practice, and supporting your design process.  The design process will be your main teacher; it will tell you what you need to learn. You will therefore have significant homework and research to do between all class sessions—make sure you account for this in your summer plans!  Also, please note that the first weekend begins at 8:30 AM on Friday, May 13, and the 5-day design charrette also begins at 8:30 AM on July 13.  The two June weekends begin after dinner on Fridays.
Primary instructors Dave Jacke and Jono Neiger co-developed and co-taught “design-centered” permaculture courses together over many years.  Dave is primary author of the award-winning book Edible Forest Gardens, and teaches design, permaculture, and forest gardening across the USA and Canada.  He has run his own design firm, Dynamics Ecological Design, since 1984, and is now working on his second book, Coppice Agroforestry, with Mark Krawczyk ( Jono cofounded the Regenerative Design Group, a Greenfield, MA design firm(, is on the faculty at the Conway School of Landscape Design in Conway, MA (, and is on the board of the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast. Dave and Jono both graduated from CSLD, Dave in 1984, and Jono in 2003.  Apprentice teachers, as well as a coterie of guest instructors and design reviewers, will also join the course’s faculty.
Course Cost: 
Tuition and food: sliding scale $1,100-1,500.  Scholarships will be available; inquire for more information.  Tuition payments above the bottom of the sliding scale will be used for scholarships, so please be generous if you can.

Meals: For the first day of each weekend we ask you to bring your own lunch and a potluck dish for the first dinner. All other meals will be provided as part of the tuition.

Accommodations: Camping included in course fee. Indoor accommodations at Brook’s Bend (shared bedroom, shared bathroom, limited availability): $15/night. 

Prerequisites and Registration:

• All course participants must have completed a certified Permaculture Design Course, and must furnish a copy of their course certificate with their deposit to hold their place in the APDC.

• A $300 deposit is required to hold your place in the APDC.  The full balance is due by May 1, 2011.  Make checks out to Dynamics Ecological Design and mail to the address below.  Credit card/Paypal payments will incur a 5% electronic payment fee, and may be made at at the bottom of the right-hand column.

For more information:

Contact Suzanne Webber, Brook’s Bend Farm

119 Old Sunderland Road, Montague, MA 01351

413-367-2281 • suzanne at

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