IthacaPlantCycle- a new Yahoo Group for sharing plants & information

Sandra Repp sjr37 at
Mon Nov 8 11:13:37 EST 2010

There is a new Yahoo group for local gardeners who want to share 
plants and plant information:  IthacaPlantCycle.

IthacaPlantCycle is a grassroots community-based effort to distribute 
plants, food and plant knowledge in our community. The 
IthacaPlantcycle model and inspiration comes from Freecycle (if you 
aren't a member, and want to be, google Ithacafreecycle), and we 
hereby formally acknowledge the role of Freecycle in Plantcycle's inception.

Plantcycle follows a similar protocol to Freecycle, although there 
are differences. Categories can include the following:


* Plants
* Produce
* Tools/Equipment
* Advice


* Plants
* Produce
* Tools/Equipment
* Advice/Alerts

* Plants
* Produce
* Tools/Equipment

All plants must be disease-free, and if grown with chemicals that are 
not organic, such chemicals must be stated in the communication.

To join, go to this site: 
and enter your e-mail address, which does NOT have to be a Yahoo address.
If you have problems, e-mail pduttster at

Please send this e-mail to others who might be interested in this 
group. The idea to do this occurred to me in the summer, and sorry 
that it has taken me this long to get permissions and find the best 
(I hope) way to do this.

Pat Dutt <pduttster at>
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