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I didn't realize there were other folks on the list from Varna--hi!  I live on Freese Rd., next to the 'abandoned' blue house next to the slag heap on the corner. I've noticed a large amount of coltsfoot doing well under the situation you described, as well as daylilies.  If you've already got elder, you probably have a fair amount of water, and so irises and Joe Pye weed should do well, along with other shady/swampy plants. With a little forethought, you could probably have the area flowering year-round.  Are there any other functions you'd like to fill with the space (privacy/noise screen, wildlife/animal fodder, discouraging litter with sharp pointy things, etc.)?


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> On 8/11/10 10:21 AM, joel gagnon wrote:
> > What direction does the slope face? Even if it has no overhead shade,
> > the direction it faces will make a considerable difference in what
> > plants would be happy there.
> The overall edge faces north (of course) and a little west.
> It's largely partial shade because the road cut is so wide, though there 
> are trees on both sides of the road.
> Every road's a litle different, but the road itself creates at least 
> some light.  The other common challenges are likely:
> * rockiness (side effects of paving)
> * salt and other pollutants
> * litter
> * government mowing, possible herbicides, ditch scraping
> * water, coming off the road and settling in the ditch (when there is one)
> All of these are difficult!
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