Custom script names for magic projects?

Peter Neubauer peter at
Mon Mar 7 11:11:55 EST 2005

I think it would be very convenient to be able to specify the name of the ant 
build script in the project definition, thereby enabling several projects to 
share the same project folder, but generate different artifacts. Benefits:
-  "cheap" way to get processors or mutliple artifacts from the same sourfce, 
- get down the number of folders created e.g. jsut for a block task in the 
- reuse for several project, if applicable

I'm imagining something like



Default would of course be build.xml. Should be fairly simple to implement, 
but I don't know how the reactor task is working - if it starts with the 
index and executes all projects below the current or if it just scans every 
subfolder for "build.xml"?



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