EPISPAOMAI in 1 Cor 7:18

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Tue Sep 17 21:12:20 EDT 2002

on 9/17/02 6:19 PM, Mark D. Nanos at nanosmd at comcast.net wrote:

>> The second question is a little more historical, that is, is there any
>> evidence that early Jewish Christians ever attempted to undo their
>> circumcisions?
> Not of which I am aware. It would be counter-intuitive for the Judean
> coalitions, who appear to have valued their Jewish identity "zealously," and
> it would be against Pauline teaching, to which you refer.
Charles and specifically Mark:

I refer you to my earlier response today.  And Mark, logically, if Jewish
Christians were not removing their marks why would Paul address it?  Of
course, the literature is quite full of such examples as I said earlier as
well as are rabbinic literatures which addresses it.  I might add that this
issue was addressed (early Jewish Christians removing their mark) at Hebrew
Union, in embarassment I should add.  I believe my friend Richard Oster even
documents such practices found on iconographies (but I am not certain on
this fact).

good seeing your're still around


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