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 Near the
very end of the letter he reinforced the point yet again by implying in 6:12
that James and the disciples were the actual guilty persons behind the
Crucifixion of Christ. This dark and hazy smear was broadened in 1
Thessalonians 2:15-16, to a smear against "the Jews," meaning against the
supporters of the covenant. This passage was the climax to one of Paul's
autobiographical passages, 2:2-16, and it, too,  cannot be properly
understood unless one understands truthfully what Galatians was all about,
which is circumcision.

I contend that one cannot truthfully understand Paul, and the creation of
Christianity by him and his followers who wrote the New Testament, unless
one understands how frightful and dangerous a thing circumcision was
perceived to be by the adult Gentile males who became Paul's followers and
the first "Christians."

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I think I can understand how frightful a thing circumcision was to the Gentile men of that era, or any other era.  But let me ask you a question.  If Galatians 2 is the Jerusalem conference, then Galatians was written at least a few months after this conference.  And if Paul broadens his negative feelings about the Jerusalem party in Galatians to a larger smear against "the Jews in I Thess.  then how do you date these documents?  This seems to be a sudden, broadening of negativity in only a few months time, or do you date I Thess. later than the current majority opinion of 50 0r 51 C.E.?

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