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Tom Jaszewski tomj at lvcm.com
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Over the course of two years we haved produced some "lousy" tea....poor
results from SFI.
This poor tea was put into the landscape. Perhaps because the soils here are
so lacking in anything
beneficial we have had NO problems. Only improved vigor and reduced disease

I can still get great results with fertilizers and fungicides in most
it just seems and incredibly costly and continous circle of "events" with
that methodology.

After three years of this new paradym I still get nervous too, so far the
only failures have been
from my holding back and following Elaine's advise verbatim.

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I found Elaine's comment "The actinobacteria are really hard on the
beneficial fungi." very interesting.

Is it possible that by using compost tea that is not properly balanced we
could do more harm than good in the long run to our soilfoodweb.

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