[Chtechcomm] Quick Notes from Last Night

Terri Buckner tbuckner at ibiblio.org
Wed Aug 17 12:45:32 EDT 2005

Quick Notes: These notes are not offered in place of official meeting 
minutes—only as a courtesy to those who were not present at last night’s 
meeting. If anyone disagrees with what is written here or feels 
something crucial has been omitted, please post your revisions (we will 
not discuss them).

Called to Order: 5:30 pm

Attending: Aris, Brandon, Brian, Alan, Martha, David,Uzoma, Will, 
Jeremy, Ralph, Terri
Guests: Bob, Arek, Chad Johnston

  Wireless/Municipal Network

Andrea Rohrbacher, Chair, Board of Directors, DEDC, and I agreed to call 
an initial meeting toward the end of August to start discussing the 
downtown wireless initiative. Representatives from UNC, CHCCS, Town of 
Carrboro, DEDC and the IT committee will be included in the initial 
meeting. The committee decided (by unanimous vote) to identify a 
subcommittee to represent the IT Committee. Following the first 
Initiative group meeting, the subcommittee will report back on the 
initial scope of expectations, and the full committee will determine the 
parameters of the subcommittee involvement and communication protocols. 
We should all keep in mind that this committee is tasked with making 
recommendations to Council on the "feasibility" of a downtown wifi 
network, to include Pine Knolls and Northside.

Volunteers for the subcommittee are:

<>Jeremy Collins
Alan Polak
Brian Russell
Brandon Perkins
Terri Buckner (temporary)

If the full committee, or any subset thereof, disagrees with the 
feasibility report prepared by this subcommittee, a dissenting opinion 
report will be submitted to Council along with the subcommittee 

We looked at two maps, one that delineated the boundaries of both Pine 
Knolls and Northside and another of Northside only. Should UNC/CHCCS 
decide to collaborate on this Initiative, Pine Knolls potentially offers 
a very easy and relatively inexpensive rollout using university-owned 
fiber from Lincoln Center. If, due to limitations of the Internet2 
agreement and the Umstead Act, UNC is unable to participate in this 
project, Bob Avery has identified four (4) government-owned structures 
in the Northside area that also have the potential for quick rollout. He 
and Will discussed the format (wifi v. wimax v. something else) and the 
relative cost of each. The subcommittee will pursue each of these 
options as well as others.

Will requested that we begin referring to the "wifi initiative" as the 
"municipal network" initiative.

  Objectives and Actions Proposal

The document distributed over the weekend identifying 3 objectives and 
associated actions was developed in response to last month's discussion 
on committee structure and how to proceed with the strategic plans. This 
document, which I agreed to draft at the July meeting, is intended to 
serve as the 'cover sheet' for the three excellent strategic plans 
submitted to Council in April. Since neither the Mayor nor the Town 
Manager recognized those documents as strategic plans, this 
non-technical document is a proposal of what could be submitted to 
Council, a document they can understand and endorse, to allow us to 
proceed with the work identified in the strategic plans. Although the 
details of the strategic plans are not identified in this document, each 
"recommendation" can be fit into one of the three objectives.

Our Council liaison has reviewed the document and feels that it is 
headed in the right direction but suggested that we add in language to 
help Council members understand where the three (3) initiatives they 
have approved will fit in (Open Source, wifi, redistribution of used 

Committee members are asked to review this document and send any 
comments directly to me (tbuckner at ibiblio.org) before Monday September 
12 (I just added this date--wasn't discussed last night). I will 
incorporate comments and distribute a revised draft by Thursday, 
September 15 for discussion at our regularly scheduled meeting on 
September 20.

  Technology Planning

Our Council liaison has informed us that our (several) requests to 
include the IT Committee in planning review process have been heard and 
that sometime this fall, we should expect to begin receiving concept 
plans. Mark didn’t have details on when this review would be formalized 
or under what conditions, but we should expect to hear more about this 
in September. In preparation for this enormous responsibility, the 
committee will need to move immediately to begin determining standards 
we might use to communicate with developers and other Town departments. 
No action was taken on this item, although the level of detail for the 
standards was discussed and general consensus appeared to be that the 
standards should be broad and directed at future growth capacity. 
Further discussion should be postponed until we have clarification from 

  Electronic Meetings

The group decided not to take any action on the petition submitted to 
the Town Manager on August 3. It is unknown at this time whether the 
petition will be included in the agenda for the Council’s first meeting 
in September. The group was split (5-5) on whether to endorse the 
proposal as written. Therefore this item should be included on the 
September agenda.

Adjourned: 7:05 pm

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