Stuff to do, Sept 10-20, 2004

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Fri Sep 10 13:19:41 EDT 2004

I'm out of here. One thing: the October Yo La Tengo "swing states tour" 
show has been formally declared a fundraiser for Erskine Bowles. This is 
a Good Thing. It has also been bumped to $20, which meant that the 
Cradle had to pull all the $16 tickets and print new ones.

What does this mean to you? Well, you're gonna want to get tickets for 
the show Sooner rather than Later, because at some point the Bowles 
campaign is going to start emailing everybody on its mailing list, and 
at that point suddenly the tix will all be in the hands of eager Young 
Democrats and you slightly-more-moderate YLT fans are going to be SOL.

So . . . consider buying online, even tho eTix is going to charge you a 
$1.80 service charge. Or hopefully somebody will post & let you/us know 
when the new tickets have been dispersed to the regular Cradle ticket 

Now, onto what y'all can do for fun while I'm out of town:

Friday, September 10
Patty Hurst Shifter [], Lamont Skylark
[], The Films
Martin Street Music Hall, Raleigh

Friday, September 10
Nebula [], The Needles
[], Agony Way
Kings, Raleigh

Saturday, September 11
The Backwards []
Kings, Raleigh

Beatles "tribute" band from Slovakia. Really. I like the "Ringo"
especially. Two shows: 8 p.m. is non-smoking (bring the kids!) and 11
p.m. is, um, smoking.

Saturday, September 11
Gerty [], Cantwell, Gomez, Jordan
[], Audubon Park
Ooh La Latte, Durham

The third in a series of benefits for the fabulous
[] Ms.Films Festival. Here's the lowdown from
the always lovely-and-talented Dave Cantwell (p.s. in advance: he's so
totally right about Audubon Park):

OOH LA LATTE=New-ish club in Durham run by the Untidy Museum people (I
think).  Coffee bar by day, increasingly loud rock bar by nite.
Please patronize (an opprotunity for all those "Durham pride" people
to put their monies where their mouths are)!!

CHICKS ROCK #3=The third installment in a series of rockshows
featuring bands that are made up of women, have women in them, or are
symapthetic to women.    Or that women might like. The series benefits
Ms. Films ("Movies by independent women"), who have a website:

GERTY=Keyboard powerpop to WEAR OUT yr stupid fashionable dancing
shoes.  Wear something durable and ugly.

CANTWELLGOMEZ&JORDAN=Is now a full-blown cover band:  playing yr
romatic requests tonight.  Please tip yr bartender...

AUDUBON PARK=Sort of like the orchestra that backed up Seals&Croft on
their 1974 tour--but with more rocking and "fangs" by about 15%.
(That's a joke, son;  AP has released two of the most crucial,
wonderful [especially the 2nd one] EPs in recent local music-ness. PS:
  they're a boy band.)

Saturday, September 11
Countdown Quartet []
Martin Street Music Hall, Raleigh

Saturday, September 11
North Elementary [], Mendoza Line
[], Transportation
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Sunday, September 12
The Feebles [], Regina
Hexaphone []
Kings, Raleigh

This is the [5pm] matinee show.

Sunday, September 12
Natural History, The Nein [], Bitter Bitter
Weeks []
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, September 14
Palomar [], Dumbwaiters
[], By Divine
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Wednesday, September 15
Minus the Bear [], Paris Texas
[], Statistics
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Thursday, September 16
Les Savy Fav [], Detachment Kit
[], Smoke and Smoke
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Somebody go to this show & lemme know whether Les Savy Fav have yet
regained that level of brilliance they were maintaining around the
time The Cat and the Cobra came out, OK?

Thursday, September 16
Sleepy LaBeef []
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Sleepy LaBeef, like a lot of country/western singers of his
generation, dabbled in Rockabilly in the 50s. Unlike most of the other
C/W singers of his generation, he's still playing 200+ shows a year.
He's as close to a capsule history of the past half-century of country
music as you're likely to ever see on the stage at Local 506. He's
also about 8 feet tall and 250 pounds.

Thursday, September 16
The Spinns [], Chrome Plated
Apostles [], Kung Flude
Kings, Raleigh

Friday, September 17
Thad Cockrell, Roman Candle [],
Spencer Acuff []
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

A friend of mine told me a story about standing next to Thad
Cockrell--who at the time was about the purest-hearted (and most
talented) young country singer in the Triangle area--the first time he
saw Roman Candle. Or wait, maybe it was Cheap Trick. Same difference.
The point is that his eyes got real big and his face lit up & he ain't
been quite the same ever since. Been hanging out with noted
secular/pop musician Chris Stamey, recording records in barrooms with
the Roman Candle boys, that sort of thing. Since Thad was already
known for making the just-about-finest "classic" country-heartbreak
records around, and Roman Candle make better "roots-pop" than anybody
else I can think of, there was at least a 30% chance the combination
would be brilliant; all reports thus far would indicate it's so.

Friday, September 17
The Sames [], Schooner
Ooh La Latte, Durham

Somewhere along the way, some people forgot that indie-rock/pop is
*supposed* to come with a twist, to be a little fucked-up. Neither the
Sames nor Schooner, bless them, ever forgot.

Friday, September 17
Ahleuchatistas [], Cantwell,
Gomez, Jordan []
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan are each too goddamn skilled & talented.
They need to hire some kind of talentless-but-entertaining fourth
member to slow them the fuck down, so we normal mortals might
occasionally understand what the hell it is they're doing.

Actually, they're well aware of this; rather than slowing themselves
down with deadweight, however, they've elected to perform an utterly
eccentric variety of covers, to act as a sort of spazz-noise Rosetta

Ahleuchatistas are from the Asheville area, IIRC. Their
[] website is beautiful and
inscrutable and weird, and somewhere within it they explain their name
(Charlie Parker song plus nod to the Zapatistas) and their music (same
basic concept) and they quote Theodor Adorno.

Friday, September 17
Valient Thorr [], Kung Flude
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Friday, September 17
The Cartridge Family [], Leadfoot
[], Another Tombstone Dream
Kings, Raleigh

Saturday, September 18
Jett Rink [], The Nein
Ooh La Latte, Durham

All of the controversy over how to take The Nein has now been
resolved; they are officially Big In Canada. Glad that's been

Jett Rink are as close to new-wave / punk / surf /spazz / noise
superstars as you're gonna find around here. I have seen them make
drunken sorority girls dance with wild lustful abandon. Or they may
have been indie-rockers costumed as sorority girls.

Saturday, September 18
Reverend Horton Heat [], Dexter
Romweber []
Lincoln Theater, Raleigh

Saturday, September 18
No Doctors [], Haunted House
Nightlight, Chapel Hill

Saturday, September 18
her space holiday [],
Neotropic [], Octavius
[], Thavius Beck
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Saturday, September 18
Allnight, O What a Nightmare
Kings, Raleigh

Sunday, September 19
The Muffs [], Visqueen
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

Sunday, September 19
Jimmy & The Teasers [],
Thee Shams []
Local 506, Chapel Hill

Monday, September 20
Melvins [], Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro

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