Metadata in Images / Photoshop file information

Jan-Peter Homann homann at
Mon Jul 21 15:30:38 EDT 2003

My Photoshop Help says, that for Windows, Photoshop-Metadata uses the 
possibilities of the fileformats JPEG, TIFF and PDF and for MacOS, XMP 
is used for every fileformat available in the Photoshop save-menue

My actual knowledge is, that JPEG and TIFF are using the IPTC 
specifications for metadata, which are more simple and less powerful 
then  XMP

I´m not 100% shure, but with IPTC it should be possible to integrate a 
URL to a creative commons license-text direct into the TIFF and JPEG 
Images via the photoshop menue "file information"
As photoshop is scriptable, automatic embedding of licens information 
should be possible for a large amount of pictures without any special 

For people, which have not Photoshop, it should be possible with GIMP

:-) Jan-Peter

Mike Linksvayer wrote:

> Probably the metadata is XMP <>,
> which is from Adobe, but is an open format.  

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