possible readability issue

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Thu Jul 3 12:54:34 EDT 2003

Ryan Booker wrote:
> Most apps that I've seen dispaly the copyright field as a single line,
> including media player in windows, winamp, zinf etc.  All the license
> and verification url aren't going to be visible or clickable.
> The url need to be an active link and immediately visible to users.

Ideally embedded license claim info would be immediately visible and 
included URLs clickable.  However, filename and perhaps artist/track 
name are typically the only immediately visible metadata values, and 
none that I've seen are formatted to make links active.  RealPlayer does 
the best job of displaying TCOP that I've seen -- it wraps the value on 
multiple lines.

As I wrote in 

     The embedded license claim info is primarily intended for
     consumption by programs, though it's nice if humans can see it

     There is a tension between choosing the best possible field and
     using the field most likely to be displayed for users.  For
     MP3s, our recommendation to use TCOP is a somewhat of a acompromise
     between these two factors -- we could've recommended a custom
     frame explicitly labeled for CC license info (a TXXX frame),
     which would not be displayed in any program I've seen, or we
     could've recommended use of the ID3v1 comment, which is very
     constrained, often gets populated with junk, and is typically
     displayed where any embedded metadata at all is displayed.

Thanks for the feedback!

   Mike Linksvayer

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