[cc-licenses] Time limited CC licenses for version 4.0?

Kat Walsh kat at mindspillage.org
Wed Dec 21 20:02:34 EST 2011

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 7:28 PM, Mike Linksvayer <ml at creativecommons.org> wrote:

> Many entities are in a position to make a credible commitment to more
> permissions at some date without such feature being built into CC NC
> licenses. I don't know any such practice. Is there?

I don't know of any offhand, but it does seem like a more promising
way of handling the issue than building new incompatible licenses to
accommodate the desire. (I do like limited-time copyright, but agree
with Mike's sentiments that the additional complexity of baking it
into the license is probably not worth it.)

It would be interesting for some organization that will credibly be
around for some time to maintain a site that registers and tracks such


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