[cc-licenses] Seeking feedback on Tranche's CC0 beta implementation.

Jayson Falkner jfalkner at umich.edu
Sun Feb 3 16:01:14 EST 2008

Yes, when a user selects 'custom' the user is then prompted to enter 
their name, contact info, and whatever license information they choose. 
We encourage either a link to a proper license or the inclusion of the 
actual license text. Whatever is entered is added as a plain text file 
to the Tranche upload (license.txt), meaning that the Tranche hash 
reflects the exact choice of custom licensing versus CC0.


P. C. Andrews wrote:
> Jayson- Under the CC0 license, if the user indicates that the reason 
> for asserting that the file is free of copyright and they chose 
> "Other" as the checkbox, do you collect documentation for what that 
> "other" is?
> -P
> Jayson Falkner wrote:
>> I'm writing on behalf of the Tranche team. Based on the recent CC0 
>> chooser changes we're revamped Tranche to be what hope is a good 
>> example of a CC0 supporting tool. Some documentation is now on-line, 
>> and I'd really appreciate hearing feedback from users, particularly 
>> those who don't yet know about Tranche.
>> 1. Does our CC0 documentation seem user friendly and intuitive?
>> 2. Is it clear how Tranche benefits CC0 users?
>> Thanks to all who help. Please send comments directly to me: 
>> jfalkner at umich.edu.
>> Tranche CC0 Implementation Documentation:
>> http://www.proteomecommons.org/dev/dfs/examples/sciencecommons/
>> Tranche Homepage:
>> http://tranche.proteomecommons.org
>> Jayson Falkner
>> jfalkner at umich.edu

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