[cc-licenses] Do the ND licenses permit transcoding?

J.B. Nicholson-Owens jbn at forestfield.org
Thu Nov 2 14:55:27 EST 2006

Do the ND licenses permit transcoding -- turning one format of a work into
another format?

If so, what are the applicable restrictions?

Is there a FAQ on this issue?  If so, where is this FAQ?

Thanks for any help on this issue.

On another related note, I tried searching the cc-licenses archive for
this but the creativecommons.org site makes that particularly difficult to

- There is no way to download the entire mailing list as one file (one
must download the list broken into compressed monthly chunks then
concatenate them and search that),

- there is no search engine that indexes the mailing list data (Google is
the chosen indexer for the site but it doesn't see the mailing list
archives so Google doesn't find mailing list hits),

- there is a lot of data to go through and an expectation one will read
archives before posting (which would be sensible if it were easy to do
said search).

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