[cc-licenses] Triple licence?

Ŭalabio‽ Walabio at MacOSX.COM
Tue Mar 14 23:09:37 EST 2006

	2006-03-13T18:07:28Z, "Ali Baba" <Mail.Alibaba at Free.Fr>

> 	I am building a wiki community and wondering what licence I should  
> choose. Here is what I want to allow people to do :

> ??As long as you provide proper attribution:
> - you are allowed to copy and distribute any article from this wiki to
> anybody and for any purpose (incl. commercial);
> - you are allowed to modify any article on the wiki, and by doing this
> you agree to place your modifications under these terms.

> 	If for non profit purpose, and still as long as you provide proper  
> attribution:
> - you still can of course copy and distribute any article from the  
> wiki
> - you can publish derivative works under any licence you wish to

> If you have commercial purpose, you can only publish derivative work
> under the same licence as this one.??

	I also run a wiki with a CC-license:

	*	-	<HTTP://PeacefulBeginnings.Org/>	-	Peaceful Beginnings:  The  
First Intactivistic Wiki On Earth

	What you want, you cannot have.  If you do not care about whether  
people import material into your wiki, I would choose either CC-BY-SA  
or CC-BY-NC-SA.  On my wiki, I wanted people to import material under  
other licenses, so I chose CC-BY.  Material under CC-BY can integrate  
with any other CC-License except CC-BY-ND and the evil abomination CC- 
BY-NC-ND.  Because of this, Rosemary Romberg can put her book,  
"Circumcision:  The Painful Dilemma" licensed CC-BY-NC-SA on the  
wiki.  If you do this, you must clearly mark material imported under  
other licenses for those wishing to export material from the wiki.


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