[cc-licenses] NonDerivative NonCommercial Licenses

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Tue Mar 7 18:54:45 EST 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 05:58 pm, Jonathon Blake wrote:
> Drew wrote:
> > Greg, you do not specifically address his point though. I think from what
> > you are saying, you would tell him to just use BY-NC and he will get the
> > same bang for the buck as BY-NC-SA, the thing is, he is considering only
> > BY-NC-ND or BY-NC-SA.
> This is an issue I have touched upon before.
> Based upon the feedback I've had, people do not understand the BY-NC
> licence.   [Their questions invariably are
> i) Can I redistribute this?
> ii) Can I make an extract of this?
> With either BY-NC-ND or BY-NC-SA, the question I get is "I want to use
> this in my church. Is that OK.?"

Regardless of what CC has to say with respect to BY-NC and BY-NC-ND and 
BY-NC-SA, this link may impact the answer to that question as well:


"Yes, "the religious services exemption" in the Copyright Law permits for the 
performance of copyrighted religious works in the course of services at 
places of worship or at religious assemblies."

Seems there is something called "the religious services exemption" - does 
anyone else know more about this?

I have been wondering lately about copyright on religious works and the US 
seperation of church and state idea.
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