[cc-licenses] Some basic agreements?

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Wed Dec 6 15:01:42 EST 2006

By special request.

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 02:24 pm, Greg London wrote:
> Maybe we ought to start out and agree
> on what the actual problem we're trying to
> solve really is:
> The problem:
> ShareAlike without any DRM clause
> (neither anti-tpm nor par-dist)
> allows the DRM-Daves of the world
> to monopolize two different rights:
> (1) the right to the content itself
> (2) the right to distribute/sell the work on Dave's platform.

> Can we all at least agree on these two points?

If I am thinking clearly now:

1. Yes
2. Yes

Are there any other things it needs to address?

Now for a second part to this call by Greg that I think may also help a lot.

Can those against ParDist state which licenses are their main ones of concern.

For me:


and to a lesser degree:


and to a way lesser degree:

the rest.
> That these are the two basic problems that need
> to be addressed in CC-SA, regardless of how
> it is implemented in the license?

> Greg London

all the best,

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