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Richard Sullivan sullivan4 at
Tue Jun 22 06:59:47 EDT 2004


Engineer Richard Sullivan
Shell Petroleum South Africa. 


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Engineer Richard Sullivan, a Director of the Contracts Award and review 
Department with the Shell petroleum South Africa. I am contacting you on the 
business of transferring the sum of US$20,500,000.00.(Twenty Million, five 
Hundred thousand United States Dollars only) into a safe foreign account and 
the need is very urgent. I got your contact from the South-Africa Chambers of 
Commerce and it is with business trust that made me to contact you on this 
matter. I write to solicit for the transfer of this money into your account. 
This Money was generated from an over Invoiced contract sum in my corporation.

I am contacting you for your help and partnership for the following two reasons:
(1) As a civil servant, I am not permitted to own foreign accounts due to civil 
service code of conduct.
(2) My present financial resources as a civil servant will not be sufficient 
for me to handle the transfer alone successfully without financial assistance 
from a reliable foreign partner abroad like you. 20% of this sum would be for 
you as compensation for using your Bank account in transferring this money, 5% would be used to re-imburse the expenses made by both parties during the 
processing of the transfer which includes, telephone bills, traveling expenses 
and fees. While 75% is for me.

Please note that I will arrange to meet with you immediately after the 
successful conclusion of the transfer, the 75% share of mine will be used for 
investment overseas. Your assistance and co-operation is highly needed. I 
assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free. If you are interested I 
will require your banking information as mentioned below:

1. Name to be used as beneficiary and beneficiary’s address.
2. Your private and confidential telephone/ fax number(s)and Cell phone.
3. Your bank name and address, your bank Telephone and fax number(s).

I hope to conclude this business within the next fourteen- (14) working days. 
Looking forward to your anticipated and urgent positive response via e-mail. josh.ibe1 at or engr_ibe1 at

Best regards,

Richard Sullivan


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