Statistics of license use

Mike Linksvayer ml at
Fri Jun 11 13:04:13 EDT 2004

Ally wrote:
> I was wondering whether you had any statistics on the usage of different 
> creative common licenses....and to take it one step further, on the 
> application of these licenses to different creative works - i.e. music 
> files vs photos vs video, etc.
> Is this being kept track of, and/or is it accessible somehow?
> Thanks!

The creator of NewsBruiser weblog application did some research on his 
own as he prepared to add CC licensing to his software 
<> and I pointed him to some better 
data, resulting in <>.

I can tell you *very* roughly that of documents crawled for 
<> that have document type metadata, it 
looks like

60% text (web pages, blogs, etc)
10% sound
10% images
10% video
10% "interactive"

I suspect that the vast majority of licensed stuff that doesn't have 
document type metadata is text, so my completely off-the-cuff 
guesstimate for all CC-licensed stuff out there is 80/5/5/5/5, modulo 
arguments over work granularity.

Take all of this with a huge block of salt.  Better statistics on 
license use would be really cool, but has never quite risen to the point 
of working much on it.

If anyone has ideas for doing independent research on CC license use 
feel free to post or get in touch, I may be able to provide some guidance.

   Mike Linksvayer

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