[cc-devel] liblicense 0.8.1: The bugfixiest release ever

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at creativecommons.org
Wed Dec 24 22:42:09 EST 2008

Howdy CC-Devel folks,

I'm greatly pleased to announce liblicense 0.8.1.  Steren and Greg found a 
number of major issues (Greg found a consistent crasher on amd64, and 
Steren found a consistent crasher in the Python bindings).  These issues, 
among some others, are fixed by the wondrous liblicense 0.8.1.  I 
mentioned to Nathan Y. that liblicense is officially "no longer ghetto".

The best way enjoy liblicense is from our Ubuntu and Debian package 
repository, at http://mirrors.creativecommons.org/packages/.  More 
information on what liblicense does is available at 
http://wiki.creativecommons.org/liblicense .  You can also get them in 
fresh Fedora 11 packages.  And from the source tarball available for 
download from sourceforge.net at 

After my sign-off on this email, you can enjoy the full ChangeLog snippet 
for this release.

-- Asheesh.

P.S. Yes, Greg, we ship amd64 binaries too.

P.P.S. The test suite is now part of the Debian package build process, so 
all architectures we build for will be automatically tested.


liblicense 0.8.1 (2008-12-24):
* Cleanups in the test suite: test_predicate_rw's path joiner finally 
* Tarball now includes data_empty.png
* Dynamic tests and static tests treat $HOME the same way
* Fix a major issue with requesting localized informational strings, 
namely that the first
   match would be returned rather than all matches (e.g., only the first 
license of a number
   of matching licenses). This fixes the Python bindings, which use 
localized strings.
* Add a cooked PDF example that actually works with exempi; explain why 
that is not a general
   solution (not all PDFs have XMP packets, and the XMP packet cannot be 
resized by libexempi)
* Add a test for writing license information to the XMP in a PNG
* Fix a typo in exempi.c
* Add basic support for storing LL_CREATOR in exempi.c
* In the case that the system locale is unset (therefore, is of value 
"C"), assume English
* Fix a bug with the TagLib module: some lists were not NULL-terminated
* Use calloc() instead of malloc()+memset() in read_license.c; this 
improves efficiency and
   closes a crasher on amd64 
* Improve chooser_test.c so that it is not strict as to the *order* the 
results come back
   so long as they are the right licenses.
* To help diagnose possible xdg_mime errors, if we detect the hopeless
   application/octet-stream MIME type, fprintf a warning to stderr.
* Test that searching for unknown file types returns a NULL result
   rather than a segfault.

Your motives for doing whatever good deed you may have in mind will be
misinterpreted by somebody.

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