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Thanks David, you have an overlaod of content here to discuss. I think
the best thing for moving forward is to just pick one thread and push on
that from your end and make proposal to participate in the take-a-way

While brainstorming is good, if there are too many details than nothing
can be accomplished. So, I would recommend to just do one thing well and
propose that.


On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 06:12 -0600, M. David Peterson wrote:
> Hey All,
> via Sylvain Hellegouarch (Cc'd) I learned of the TAKEAWAY Festival
> taking place in the UK (see **).  I don't have a lot of details, but I
> do know that Sylvain learned of this from Michael Sparks (Cc'd), Lead
> Researcher @ BBC UK R&D, and the mastermind behind the development of
> Kamaelia ( http://kamaelia.org/ '''redirects to SF.net home).
> Apparently Michael was invited to be a part of this, but past that, I
> don't have a lot more details.
> That said, it seemed like this would be a good opportunity to connect
> some dots that may not be currently connected.  These dots include, 
> Kamaelia
> CCDC and in particular ccHost/ccMixter
> channelCC.tv
> TAKEAWAY Festival
> What is Kamaelia?
> --- at http://kamaelia.sourceforge.net/Introduction
>         Lego/K'nex for programmers. For people. For building things.
>         It's about making concurrency on systems easier to use, so
>         easy you forget that you're using it.
> ...
>         A key aim of Kamaelia is to enable even novice programmers to
>         create scalable and safe concurrent systems, quickly and
>         easily
> ...
>         The reason for concurrency here isn't because we're after
>         performance, but due to the problems we're facing are
>         naturally concurrent - millions of people watching content.
>         Therefore, the aim is to make dealing with this concurrency
>         simple/easy, or natural/fun. Hence the lego/K'nex analogy. 
> The vision of CCDC
> --- at http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Developer 
>         The primary goal of the Creative Commons Developer Community
>         (CCDC) is to build a community of developers around the
>         development of tools facilitating Creative Commons' licenses
>         and standards. 
> What is channelCC.tv?
> --- at http://channelcc.tv (<- yeah, not much there at the moment ;-) 
> [MDP::Insert.Comment: This is an unfinished project (Hi Melissa! :D
> (Also Cc'd)) I started a while back and would like to finish, but this
> time around using a combination of both technology and ideas from the
> various folks and their related software tools referenced in this
> post. 
> What is Kamaelia used for? 
> --- at http://kamaelia.sourceforge.net/Introduction
>         At R&D we've used it for sending subtitles to mobiles,
>         building a networked audio mixer matrix, previewing PVR
>         content on mobiles, joining multicast islands together using
>         application layer tunneling and also a game for small
>         children :-)
>         I also use Kamaelia for all my presentations these days.
>         Kamaelia has been used by BBC Radio & Music to produce a
>         record of transmission (for 8 BBC channels 24x7). This is a
>         development box for internally monitoring what is actually
>         broadcast vs what the EPG data says. This enables prototyping
>         of new services (subject to all sorts of restrictions).
>         Examples include podcasts of all of BBC radio, particular
>         tastes or genres. That then allows people to decide if they
>         want these things and decide how to move forward with the
>         industry.
> What are some of the tools developed, maintained, and supported by
> --- at http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Developer
> Creative Commons actively develops the following software projects:
>       * ccPublisher
>       * ccHost (ccMixter source code)
>       * Translator - http://translate.creativecommons.org/
>       * ccLookup
>       * Command Line Tools
>       * CcNutch
> How does ChannelCC.tv fit in?
> Not a clue.  But I have some ideas, and it seems to me that between
> (Michael/BBC-UK R&D/Kamaelia) && (CCDC*) all of the tools are in place
> to do some pretty cool things. 
> How does the TAKEAWAY Festival fit in?  
> Again, not a clue, but as outlined below, it seems there could be some
> interesting points of connection with all of this.
> ** --- @http://nodel.org/events.php?ID=51
> TAKEAWAY Festival - Do It Yourself
> Media http://www.takeawayfestival.com part of "Experiment, play and
> get involved", "TAKEAWAY festival of do-it-yourself media" event
> clusters 
>         A silent revolution is taking place. People are transforming
>         themselves from media consumers to producers, using the new
>         tools, software and technologies at their disposal. From the
>         expanding realm of free and open source software (FLOSS), to
>         peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution and 'pervasive' mobile and
>         locative technologies, the unprecedented possibilities exist
>         to create and disseminate our own media experiences.
>         TAKEAWAY Festival – Do It Yourself Media is here to help you
>         take part in the revolution, and to understand what it's all
>         about. Learn how to make your own online journal, blog, live
>         stream or wiki in our workshops. Talk to those who are making
>         the tools and those who are finding new and innovative ways to
>         make use of them. Discuss the implications of 'free' and P2P
>         culture, changes in how we make culture and art, and how we
>         will be able to live, and learn, in the coming media
>         environment.
>         What can you take away from TAKEAWAY Festival? Workshops,
>         exhibitions, lectures and discussions are designed to give you
>         a hands-on experience and first hand knowledge of networked
>         and interactive media.
> NOTE: It seems http://www.takeawayfestival.com is presently down.
> Hopefully that will change soon.
> ---
> So with all of this, this is really meant as a dot connecting and pump
> priming piece to possibly get some ideas started and moving forward.
> Would also like to connect in MusicianForge (see:
> http://dev.musicianforge.net/ ) and SonicRadar
> (http://blog.sonicradar.com) (see:
> http://blog.sonicradar.com/2007/03/08/a-little-introduction/ for an
> introduction from Eric Larson (Cc'd), Lead Architect for both
> projects), -- something I have held back from announcing more
> widespread due to some preparation work of some other related pieces
> -- but at this stage it seems best to focus on one idea at a time ;-) 
> That said, the reality is that there is probably no direct need to
> respond to this thread, or even keep this thread active.  But
> hopefully some of the dots connected will help spur some ideas which
> will in turn spawn new threads between various folks and whatever
> these ideas happen to be.  So with that, enjoy your dev-days! :D 
> -- 
> /M:D
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