[cc-community] Rant about CC licenses

Engel Nyst engel.nyst at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 07:49:00 EST 2013

On 12/17/2013 11:58 PM, Eric Hellman wrote:
> This copyrighted work is licensed to you, {{ user.username }}, on {{
> created }} through https://unglue.it under an individual, restricted,
> non-transferrable license for your personal use only.  You are not
> authorized to copy, transfer, distribute, display or otherwise
> transmit this work to third parties without the express written
> permission of the copyright holder. The license has been embedded
> into the digital file, along with your identity, that of the
> licensor, and the details of the restricted terms of this license.
> You can use this file to prove your license status. This embedded
> license must not be altered, removed or tampered with for any reason
> and any effort to do so will result in the immediate revocation of
> this license. Unauthorized distribution of this work is a copyright
> violation and may be enforced by the rights holder accordingly to the
> fullest extent available under the law.
> After {{ cc_date }}, this book shall be released under a {{ license
> }} license at which time the above restricted license terms shall be
> replaced and superseded by the terms of the applicable Creative
> Commons license {{license_url }}

The phrasing of this seems to say that /another/ release needs to happen 
in the future, by which the book will become Creative Commons licensed. 
Looking over a few of the documentation on unglue.it site, I seem to see 
the same idea.

Perhaps it makes sense that unglue.it has to be the intermediary that 
makes sure the copyright holder will release another version, since the 
criterion is amount of funding received via unglue.it. However, in 
Mitar's proposal, if I understand it correctly, it's the language of the 
license itself that makes sure that after a date, the work is under CC0.

I think the two are not the same. The first depends on someone taking 
another action (unglue.it, perhaps the copyright holder(s) also), while 
the second is supposed to happen when the time expires.


~ "Excuse me, Professor Lessig, but may I ask you to sign this CLA, so 
that we have legally your permission to distribute your CC-licensed words?"

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