[cc-community] NC/ND

Joe Corneli holtzermann17 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 22:55:45 EST 2011

> I doubt you're referring to that use of OA if you're saying it is like
> SaaS. What am I missing?

Think about it this way: What can you do with an Open Access text (in
the standard "unmitigated" version, or with something like
CC-By-NC-ND)?  Basically you can read it.  In the latter case, you can
share it.

Well, what can you do with a SaaS site?  Typically, you can use the
tool (in some cases, for free, like with Gmail etc.!) - and perhaps
you can send a link to the tool to your friends (Google Docs).  The
one thing you can't do is modify the tool!

More clear now? :)

(By the way, of course there is the exceptional case of a
software-as-service tool that is also free software.  However that's
not what most people think of when they think of "software as
service". I wasn't confused, just confusing, sorry!)

> Tangentially, though people associated with the FSF have spoken
> against SaaS, it is incorrect to say the AGPL takes a stance against
> SaaS.

You're right!

It takes a stance against the "SaaS loophole" in the GPL!

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