[cc-community] CCplus Standard License Agreement?

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Tue Sep 16 08:44:34 EDT 2008

drew Roberts wrote:
> On Monday 15 September 2008 23:30:37 jonathon wrote:
>> On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 16:05, Terry Hancock wrote:
>>> YES. I would like to see a "Buy for the Commons" option: the author can
>>> choose an amount for which they would be willing to release the work
>>> By-SA for everyone. Once that's paid, the work is free.
>> Does this example depict what you'd like.
>> Party A licenses a work under some-bizarre-license, but also has a
>> "Buy4Commons" of US$1 000 license option.
>> Party B looks at the work, and figures it is worth spending US$1 000
>> for the "Buy4Commons" option.
>> Party C then uses the work under a CC-BY-SA license
> There is that possibility. There is also the purchase a copy at $20 and when 
> sales reach $1,000 then the work will be licensed BY-SA plan.

Ask for Low Earth Orbit now; the Moon, later.

An integrated collective bargaining system -- while a wonderful
possibility, and more flexible in the end -- will involve a great deal
more work than simply implementing a simple CC+ site (which is basically
just an e-store: one transaction, one seller, one product, one customer).

Meanwhile, third parties provide collective fund-raising services which
combined with the simple CC+ site, provide _more_ than the proverbial
"80% functionality" that you and I want to see.[1][2]

It'd be great, of course, to recommend using such sites to users (but I
think word will get around. This would be stuff to put on the "Freedom
Defined" wiki for example (http://freedomdefined.org). In fact Roland,
"if you build it, we will come" -- I hereby volunteer to write up both
services and the possibility of using them together once the possibility
exists (feel free to bug me about this off list when the time comes).


[1] E.g.: http://fundable.org
[2] Yes I do realize there are things you can do with an integrated site
that this doesn't allow: collective, RSPP-type bargaining; combining
private and public license options (private sales count towards public);
etc. Which should be a future objective. But now is not the time, IMHO.

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