[cc-community] First CC community edited fiction book. Cheers, jeers, rude awakenings?

M.A.Newhall ttb at thickerthanbloodthebook.com
Thu May 15 09:31:09 EDT 2008


   No way would I try to claim first CC novel, that would just be lame. 
There seem to be many out there scattered about.  The novel is under 
the most restrictive CC license.


    That's what's strange.  You think people would only be willing to help 
under the most open licenses, but this book has been on the net under this 
license for the duration the past couple of years.  I guess I had the 
right combination of content, and credentials with a large body of open 
source enthusiasts.

    It makes me wonder if the normal open source 50% complete ratio for 
software is way too low for entertainment novels.  I just stumbled across
it because I released a completed (in need of editing work) book.

    I've had 8 people send me an entire book worth of edits and fixes.  And 
I've gotten fixes from another dozen or so people.   I was really just 
accepting the changes to use in a manuscript to send to publishers.  I 
thought that it has gone well enough to release it as is.  I went to find 
the other authors of community edited CC fiction novels to interview 
them for the press release and I think I am the only one.  Naturally I've 
found a few non-fiction community edited books, but that's a different 
situation.  Non-fiction is not just entertainment but serves a few
  functions as well.

    The book is up on the CC book wiki. but here is the link.



On Thu, 15 May 2008, drew Roberts wrote:

> On Thursday 15 May 2008 02:17:00 M.A.Newhall wrote:
>> Hello
>>    After poking around a bit it seems my sci-fi novel Thicker Than Blood is
>> the first community edited fiction book released under a Creative Commons
>> license, ever.  Lulu gives an opportunity to send out a press release when
>> you buy an ISBN, so I thought I would put one together and talk about
>> that.  I could use help in two ways.
> If it is just comming out, it is certainly not the first novel to be released
> under a CC license.
> As to community edited, who knows, once a BY-SA or BY novel is out there, who
> is to know what the community might do?
>>    Write a short email telling me what you think about that or the book
>> itself, and perhaps I can quote it in the press release.  It can be
>> positive or negative, both can be helpful.  Just be honest.
> Please actually state which cc license you use in announcements folks, some of
> us at least would appreciate it. It means less work on our parts.
>>    If you know Thicker Than Blood is not the first community edited,
>> Creative Commons fiction or as a more narrow category, science fiction
>> novel, please let me know.
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Matt
> all the best,
> drew
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