[cc-community] URL attribution requirements

Greg London email at greglondon.com
Fri Jul 9 14:27:15 EDT 2004

Mike Linksvayer said:
> Ok, I read the thread.  I gather the discussion boils down to this:

actually, when you boil it down, you get a couple of irreducible bones
at the bottom of the pot. There are a couple of different items
in the discussion: the "content" page, the "license" page, and the
"attribution" page.

(1) does the page with the content have to say "this work licensed cc..."?
    My approach was to have the content page contain a url that points
    to a page that says "the following works are licensed CC..." that list
    the title/copyright notice and a hyperlink back to the original content

(2) part of the discussion hinges on the location of the license.
    it appears that the content page has two choices:
         (a) contain a verbatim copy of the license
         (b) contain a URL to a verbatim copy of the license
    At issue is whether the URL option (b) must use this URL
    or whether it can point to a local copy of teh license

(3) To further reduce the boilerplate on the content page, I piggyback
    the license URL with the attribution URL. The attribution URL must
    point to a page that contains the copyright notice and/or (we never
    quite figured out if it was "and" or "or") and the licensing info
    for the content. So, what I did was tie this in the the license
    URL in 2(b) above.
    one URL points to
          (a) a verbatim copy of the license
          (b) a statement saying "this work licensed CC-NC"
          (c) a copyright notice for each work
          (d) a verbatim copy of the cc-nc license


So, I have an example of a content page at the url below.
This is how I wanted to mark up my content.
A copyright notice and a single URL. nice and clean.

All of the other legal boilerplate is the URL below,
which, as it happens, is the URL on the content page,
and the URL I'm supplying for attribution. It contains
the "this content licensed cc-nc" statement, the
copyright notice, and a verbatim copy of the cc-nc

I believe this /nc/ page meets all teh requirements
of the license for marking content and for attribution.

The bones of contention are (1) whether the content
page has to say "this work licensed..." or whether it
can be defered to another page, (2) whether the content
page can contain a URL that points to a local copy
fo teh CC-NC license or whether it must point to
the CreativeCommons.org website copy, and (3) whether
the URL for the license and the URL for "Attribution"
can be one and the same.

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