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Re forwarded from a forward by Antoine Moreau, with his permission.

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Sujet: [copyleft_attitude] la FSF change de position
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 17:54:32 +0200
De: Antoine Pitrou
Répondre à: copyleft_attitude at april.org
Pour: copyleft_attitude at april.org


Stallman a critiqué les licences CC lors d'un récent colloque (?)* nommé
"Copyright 2005". J'espère qu'il a pensé à remercier Benjamin Mako Hill,
puisqu'il reprend une partie de ses arguments.

En réponse, le représentant de Creative Commons Canada** a traité Stallman
de "leader fasciste"...

         « rms has withdrawn explicit support for the Creative Commons
         project (though he recognizes it is a “better” option than the
         mainstream) because CC has added several new licence options (to
         the original six), at least one of which, in rms’s view, do not
         do an adequate job of protecting freedom. (Here is the full list
         of CC licenses). rms argues that, like the GPL, the creative
         commons licences should insist on a certain number of core
         freedoms. Apparently in conversations with CC founder Larry
         Lessig, Lessig said that those freedoms were “empty” in the CC
         format. »


Autre nouvelle importante : sur le site GNU, les licences CC ont été
retirées du paragraphe "Licenses for other types of works" et remplacées
par un lien vers la LAL version anglaise.

         « We don't take the position that artistic or entertainment
         works must be free, but if you want to make one free, we
         recommend the Free Art License. »




* http://copyright2005.koumbit.org/ (C.A.)
** Marc Bornfreund (C.A.)

end of reforwarded forward

I hope the rift is only temporary. Considering the  « We don't take the 
position that artistic or entertainment works must be free... » in the 
GNU page mentioned above, the attacks against Stallman *as reported in* 
is totally unbased.


Bcc: Richard M. Stallman

Claude Almansi


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