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Wed Feb 27 17:31:10 EST 2008

I have two cardbus pcmcia network cards (wired and wireless) that work 
with DSL linux live CD (which was also useful for identifying the drivers 
for other cards that were not listed in my pcmcia config file).  DSL boots 
in 32MB (type dsl 2 at boot prompt to avoid the GUI) on a computer where 
knoppix and BL3 would not boot at all.  If setup does not offer boot from 
CD-ROM, boot with 'smart boot manager' floppy disk.

To use cardbus, you need yenta_socket.o instead of i82365.o in pcmcia 
'start'.  The modules posted for BL3.50 kernel 2.2.26 do not include 
yenta_socket, which started with kernel 2.4.1, but I think kernel 2.2 
worked with the pcmcia cardbus modules and i82365.o (before it split).

yenta_socket should handle 32bit PCI-to-PCMCIA and PCI-to-CARDBUS as well 
as 16bit ISA-to-PCMCIA (non-cardbus PCMCIA cards).

It resides in /lib/modules/2.*/kernel/drivers/pcmcia along with 
pcmcia_core, i82365 and ds.  (or in 2.2.26/pcmcia in BL3).

When I 'make clean', 'make config' and 'make all' to compile my own 2.4.31 
pcmcia drivers, from the separate pcmcia package, yenta_socket.o does not 
get compiled.  i82365.o and ds.o were compiled.

('Make install' does not do anything useful in BL because we lack depmod 
and some other files).

How/where do I get yenta_socket.o?  Will the one for DSL (2.4.31 kernel) 
work with my 2.4.31 kernel?  I read the PCMCIA-HOWTO and various other 
documentation that came with the package.

I am supposed to answer NO to any pcmcia support in the kernel .config 
(which configures PCMCIA support only built into the kernel, not as 
modules), and Y to cardbus support when I 'make config' for the pcmcia 
modules from the separate pcmcia package.

8390.o gets compiled and is slightly larger than the one compiled with the 
kernel.  Do I use this new one for all network cards including pcmcia?


keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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