[BL] 40 columns and PDA as terminal

baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org baslinux at lists.ibiblio.org
Sat Feb 2 01:27:08 EST 2008

Message from Steven
Sindi wrote:
> > BL2 comes with the required line in inittab but 
> > BL3.4 and BL3.5 do not.

BL3 does not have a normal getty.  It does not have
a login prompt.

> I uncommented the line in inittab and rebooted first.  
> The serial port now no longer works for PDA file 
> transfers 

That is correct.  The getty is now on that port.

> What step did I leave out?

I know nothing about your PDA.  The only thing I could
suggest would be to make sure that you are connected 
to the right port.


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