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sindi keesan keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
Sun Oct 22 21:59:20 EDT 2006

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006 3aoo-cvfd at dea.spamcon.org wrote:

> sindi keesan wrote:
>> What file system does post-1999 FreeBSD use
> My guess is:  ufs

Thanks.  With this basic info, further research revealed that in April 
2003 the default fs for FreeBSD became usf2, which can handle a 1.5T 
(terabyte) file system, and not ufs2.  I don't know if the ufs.o for 
2.2.26 handles ufs2 and if so, whether it is read-only (like ufs.o was for 
2.1.X kernel).

We booted again and a 2005 date went by, which implies ufs2.  This time we 
typed 4 for 'single-user mode' instead of the default and it booted 
to the prompt (no login needed).

We got console mode instead of X (unlike Redhat or DSL or Ubuntu).
We can play with this now in order to better understand our shell accounts 
at www.grex.org (OpenBSD) and sdf.lonestar.org (NetBSD, I think).

>> and what module would we need to add to the BL3.40 kernel
>> to access it?
> Try:  fs/ufs.o

I will try this anyway.

>> Once we can access the files, where do we look for the login
>> and password?
> My guess is:  /etc/passwd
>> how do we change to 'root' and 'Enter'.
> My guess is:  change :x: to ::  (or :*: to ::)

How do we read an existing login and password?

> Cheers,
> Steven
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