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Hi Folks,

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006 20:50:09 +0300
Karolis Lyvens <karolisl at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have one question: is there any way to losslessly resize a DOS partition
> from BL? I know that, for example, GNU parted could do that, but before
> trying to compile it on BL, i'd like to know if anyone had any luck
> with it.

    You can re-size a DOS partition from DOS - with FIPS.  Follow the instructions that come with it (this involves doing a de-frag and moving ALL the files away from the upper end of the existing partition), and then use FIPS. This will give you a second DOS partition, of whatever size you want, away from the data in your existing DOS partition. FIPS will even give you an "undo" floppy so you can put things back where they were if you change your mind later.
    If you don't move your data away from where the new partition is going to be, it will be overwritten.

    Once you have the partition, you can then use BL3 (or any other application) to make the new partition into a Linux one if you wish.

    Go to:  http://www.tux.org/pub/dos/partition-programs/fips/fips-20/

   I have used FIPS successfully to create a small partition inside a DOS partition, into which I then installed an early BL distro.


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