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    I have a Kindle app for my iPhone and downloaded a free version of the LXX and it has no identification.

Thanks for pointing out the versions that do have it!

Scott Lawson

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> Hi Scott,
> Which "LXX" are you reading? Ziegler? Rahlfs? Theodotion's? Vaticanus and Alexandrinus have the wheels. 967 doesn't.
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> At Daniel 7:9 the NET says: "While I was watching, thrones were set up, and the Ancient of Days took his seat.
> His attire was white like snow; the hair of his head was like lamb's wool.
> His throne was ablaze with fire and it's wheels were all aflame."
> ...
> Also, I note that the LXX does not mention the flaming wheels of the throne. Why the omission? 
> Also what is the purpose of wheels on a throne? I note that the verse starts out indicating that thrones were set up, so would wheels be for the purpose of making that process easier? Is there some ancient custom connected with this or is there some other reason?
> Scott Lawson
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