[b-hebrew] Portrait of Joseph in Chapter 40 of Genesis

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Sun Mar 25 17:06:04 EDT 2012

I simply do not see all these mysteries that you see, Jim. It sounds to me like a convenient excuse to dismiss scholarship, not join in its conversation, and instead build isolated opinions with little relation to anything. It is, in other words, unscholarly sensationalism.

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> [...]
> If we are willing to consider the normal meaning of the words CLY and XRY 
> in the phrase CLY XRY, where in particular XRY at Genesis 40: 16 has the same 
> meaning as XRY at Genesis 14: 6, then we can solve this longstanding 
> Biblical mystery.  
> [...]
> Hebrew linguistics can solve many Bible mysteries, if we’re willing to 
> consider the ordinary meanings of Biblical Hebrew words such as XRY.
> Jim Stinehart

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