[b-hebrew] II kings 22

Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Wed Dec 12 18:12:57 EST 2012


i must say i admire your imagination. your idea of a huge pile of clay tablets (say, a hundred?), 
written by moses in akkadian cuneiforms, carried along with the covenant through the desert,
and lying unobserved in a dark corner of the jerusalem temple till around 600-650 BC, is 
worthy of indiana jones.

so, according to you, both moses and yoshiahu (in II Kgs 23:2) were fluent in akkadian cuneiforms!!! 
so my question is, then: why did yoshiahu need the scribe's help in  Kgs 22:10 to begin with?
he could read the book himself!

nir cohen

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