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pere sha'al
We have in Dt 6:2 MCWK, *(male) who commands you*. The waw has vowel segol.

And we have in Dt 6:6 exactly the same word but..... with a shewa in the
place of segol.

No pause, here.

Is there any difference between these two pointing ways?
Is there any good reason for the different pointing?

Good question. With a simple answer.

Actually, there IS a pausal difference.
The word in Dt 6.2 is accented with segolta.
And the accented syllable is the vav with segol.
Segolta is a high level disjunctive and it is written after the word,
not on the accented syllable.
The same word in 6.6 is a contextual form with the accent on the final
syllable and the vowel with vav being reduced to shva.

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