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1.  You wrote:  “Within a few miles south there are Carmel, Ma'on, Karmil, 
Pnei Heber, Samu'a, Yata is fairly good sized, Susya, Ruq'a, al Fawar, and 
several other
Yata is the only real town of any size, but it is not located southeast of 
the city of Hebron.  Yata is straight south of Hebron.  I am talking about the 
desolate area southeast of Hebron (but not as far east as the Dead Sea, and not 
as far south as Arad, which is east of Beersheba).  There have never been any 
sizeable towns in that area.
2.  You wrote:  “You haven't read Joshua 15, have you? There are many cities, 
and their towns, listed to the south of Hebron.”
Yes, there are many towns listed far south of Hebron, deep in the Negev 
Desert, and also towns far southeast, by the Dead Sea, in chapter 15 of Joshua.  
But the only candidates for towns located southeast of Hebron, but west of the 
Dead Sea and north of Arad, are the 10 towns listed at Joshua 15: 55-57.  I don’
t see any of those towns as being located southeast of Hebron.  There is no 
secular historical support in the ancient world for the view that any of those 
towns were located there.  Rather, the two best-known towns in that group, 
Carmel and Ziph, are documented as being located northwest of Hebron, in or near 
the foothills on the west edge of hill country, near the Sorek Valley, based 
on Late Bronze Age historical documents that I have noted.  There’s nothing in 
the secular history of the ancient world that places a Carmel or a Ziph 
southeast of Hebron.
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