[b-hebrew] Thank you

Ron Snider sarasotapt at comcast.net
Sun Apr 5 18:14:25 EDT 2009

Thank you George for closing that thread on black.  Why do you allow one 
person to dominate and frustrate an otherwise fine list?  I would have 
to count, but I suspect there were 20 or more submissions by Jim on the 
same subject.  Lengthy submissions that numbed the mind and crushed the 

On that point, is it possible to instruct people not to continue 
forwarding the same messages over and over.  If you is taking the 
message apart to reply point by point, that is one thing.  However, to 
have email accounts clogged with the same repititious verbage is a waste 
of space and time.  We gotta be green you know.  Humor.  ;-)

No trees were harmed in the sending of this email.

Ron Snider,
Makarios Bible Church

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